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Greetings, and welcome to my photography site. My name is Wally Caddow and photography is one of my passions.

For me, there is a thrill in trying to capture that perfect moment in time and preserving it forever. That elusive moment when the action is at its absolute peak or that mysterious instant when someone's whimsical expression tells you volumes about them. Trying to get that shot is why I like making pictures.

And to someday get a shot in Sports Illustrated. There, I said it, for the whole world to hear. I long ago gave up the dream of being in SI as an athlete, so a nice two page spread in the 'Leading Off' section with a photo credit would be nice. Hey, a guy can dream.

So until SI is contracting me to cover the Super Bowl, I work on my craft in these pages. I hope you like them and I hope there is a good shot here of someone you know. Maybe your son or daughter in that perfect moment that speaks volumes about them.

© 2009 Wally Caddow
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